Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vitalik Shushko: "I can not imagine how to live without comics and animation."

Recently I discovered the blog of Russian storyboard artist Vitalik Shushko. I asked Vitalik to tell me about his career:

"I learned about storyboards in the beginning of 2000 thanks to the additional materials (bonus features) on DVD disks... before that I had not even heard the word "storyboard". Having looked at an enormous quantity of disks with "additions" to favourite films and cartoon films I made some accurate samples of storyboards."

"I found a job in video game production... I was tasked with doing storyboards for game cutscenes."

"Since childhood I dreamt of being an animator or to one day draw comics. Now I create illustrations for books, I do covers for magazines, I create concept art for video games and sometimes I do animation for advertising."

Vitalik skills are even more impressive when you learn that he is only 29 - and has been drawing storyboards for just 4 year. his first project in video game boarding was "Biker Mice from Mars", which we will look at in another post on another occasion.

These frames were drawn for a PSP game called "Coded Arms: Contagion"

Among those artists who most inspire him, Vitalik cites "Glen Keane, Matsumoto Norio, Katsuhiro Otomo, Tatsuyuki Tanaka and... a lot of other gifted artists and animators."

Many thanks to Vitalik for sharing some samples of his excellent work with us - I promise to post more in the near future.

Vitalik writes, "I can not imagine how to live without comics and animation."

* Vitalik's blog


  1. Nice job! Dynamic, crisp and great atmosphere.

  2. The colours are beautiful, Vitalik.
    Painter or Photoshop?

  3. Chris : thank you )))))
    Mark Harri : everything in Photoshop. still using Painter for fun (: