Friday, March 2, 2012

Working with the Clients

  • When I begin a project, I like to start with a loose thumbnail. After the client has decided the direction of the project, I create a series of small thumbnails. These helps by fleshing out the imagery in my head and eliminating compositional elements that are not working. During this thumbnail process I also research as much as I can on the subject and collect a good amount of reference relating to it.

    Once I find a sketch that is working, I begin to push in the values. I feel that a composition relies heavily on the develop of the drawing. Here I can explore the drawing in more detail and tighten areas up with the aid of good reference. Ultimately, I try to stay loose while always looking for ways to push the drama of a piece through values. I really enjoy creating a strong drawing before I go anywhere. That drawing becomes an anchor for me, holding my whole progression together. In the end, what is most paramount is telling a good story throughout that process.


  1. Fantastic process demo, Toney - and a very cool image! Thanks for sharing :^)

  2. Toney this is brilliant. Thanks for letting us peek at your style.