Friday, March 9, 2012

Some sequential art to mix things up alittle....I hope it's cool with you guys.

Rough Pencils by: Alex C. Ragsac
Inks by: Joma Santiago

I know this site is for storyboards only, but with your kind indulgence, I hope you won't mind me sharing some of the sequential art pieces I have worked on for a comic book tryout.

I have to give props to my good friend, Alex Ragsac for providing me with some of his original rough pencil drawings. It really inspired me to try my hand in doing 'inks' on top of his work.

I had fun working on them, and this is a great way to practice my personal inking style.


  1. Great looking comic art, Joma - thanks for sharing! Did you put "inks" in quotation marks because you did them digitally? If so, which program did you use?

  2. Hi Leif, you are correct, I 'inked' them digitally using the ever reliable Photoshop CS5.

    Have a great day!

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