Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stan Shaw, Color Storyboards

Won't go into what these are for, but they were my first stab at full color storyboards in a while.
Over 30 in all, they were done with the idea that they may have a life in print at sometime way way in the future.

Also technically and creatively it worked to keep the background and foreground figures separate. Used Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop plus a bit of InDesign in the organizing phase.  I talk a bit more about them on my blog.

Even though the schedule was tight on producing these, I enjoyed the chance to take the art to this level of finish.  Normally the bulk of my storyboard work is rushed and line or tone. But these benefited from a longer more thoughtful  approach, and my up front work in character and background design and concepts.  
I'd love to hear any comments or suggestions.

Update: Since the project has not been completed, I thought it best to remove the images.



  1. Love that first cloud frame and generally the colours throughout are great.

  2. Amazing work! The colors are great and the art is so detailed.

  3. Um...I can't see any images...is it just me?