Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Flaviano Armentaro: "Lots of studios [are] hiding themselves..."

A week or two ago I received a note from Italian storyboard artist, Flaviano Armentaro. He asked me to add him to the links list. I took a look at Flaviano's blog and was blown away. I asked Flaviano to tell us a bit about himself and the state of the business in Italy and here's what he wrote:

"I'm 27 years old and I've work in animation since I was 17. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts where I studied sculpture. Because I was always fascinated by cartoons and animation I took a little course for cleanup artists in a studio in Turin (Lanterna Magica, one of the best known studios here in Italy)."


"I never left my light table since that day. I did all the positions, inbetween, animation, layout and now I work as a freelance character designer and storyboard artist."


"Hard times today... few productions opened, very low quality and even less time to focus on a good realization of the work. Lots of studios are hiding themselves under the crisis and slow economy, a chance to fire people with fake motivations."


"The audience is becoming very lazy and ignorant because of stuff like Dreamworks: very high on the technical side, but very poor and stupid scripts."


"Outside of animation I also create comics for Italian magazines and web sites like here coreingrapho.com You can find other comics and illustrations here

On my portfolio page you can see some of my work and you find another interview about how I work here

Thanks, Flaviano, for sharing some examples of your fabulous work with us, for giving us your unadulterated opinion on the state of the business, and for joining Storyboard Central. Welcome!