Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Walter Brogan

I was blown away by the work of a new member of Storyboard Central, Walter Brogan. This guy can really draw the tough shots!


And right away, I thought Walter's work had a nice comic book flare (with a dash of that classic Neal Adams style in it, yes?)


So I asked Walter for a short biography and sure enough, he's had an association with comics (and specifically with Neal Adams). Read on...

I started working while still in my third year of college -SVA- at Mavel on a magazine called "CRAZY", doing the T.V. and movie satires. after school I started working as an assistant art director at FOOTE CONE BELDING advertising agency - then moved to BENTON BOWLES advertising agency drawing storyboards while still working at CRAZY. I left New York to go work at the WALT DISNEY STUDIOS in 1980, did work at Hanna Barbera , Filmation and some smaller ad agencies. I stayed in L.A. for about 4 years... then came back to N.Y. (I couldn't take the snog in L.A.)

Anyway I started working at "CRACKED" magazine (I worked at CRACKED for almost 20 years) and did some boards on a movie called GALAXY RANGERS for about a year. In 1986 I started working at J.WALTER THOMPSON advertising agency,left JWT after 6 years and got a few reps. One was FAMOUS FRAMES, another was WARSHAW BLUMENTHAL,and the thirds was BURRITO BOARDS. I've been working from home now this way for many years. I also worked for NEAL ADAMS on and off - walter brogan.

Walter's new website: walterbrogan.com


  1. Warshaw huh?....ha ha ha ..you know why I am laughing.....

  2. Great work, those are some serious angles!!

  3. Hi Walter,
    Great work, some of the best frames I've seen.

  4. There oughta be a law against someone being that good! Those angles are truly off the scale--fabulous work. Cheers, Walter, and thanks for the post, Leif.

  5. So, you've worked for Mark at Famous Frames and Neil at Continuity, eh? Mark and I don't see eye to eye and Neil didn't want to pay me what I thought I was worth. I am one of the original Storyboards, Inc. artists in the early eighties and rejoined them in '94. I left LA in 2001 and was let go by Storyboards for complaining about billing and because they intimated that I was too old. Called a few other rep firms including Warsaw in '07, but they said the biz was awful in NY and couldn't guarantee me any work.

    Big mistake leaving LA for the bayou and relying on others to get you work. I freelanced for myself for over 13 years, and it looks like I am back out on the streets of, uh.... anywhere. Any suggestions!