Monday, June 21, 2010

The best storyboard I ever drew...

Hi all...
I'm a Vienna based illustrator specializing on storyboards, comps and caricatures.
I've been working as a freelance illustrator since 1996.
I'd like to show you what I consider my best board so far, it was also the most fun to execute as I really liked the concept. Hope you like it!
P.S. Sorry, Leif that it took me so long..I still am struggling a bit with blogs...f.e. I rarely seem to be able to post comments, even on my own blog, someone know what the problem could be??


  1. This does look like a fun concept to draw. And your drawings are great, especially the sharks! How long did it take to complete this job from start to finish?

  2. Thanks a lot!
    Checking the file dates it appears that I did the sketches on one day and the colour the next.
    It doesn't come across, but there are actually lots of details.
    I actually did 4 concepts, so it was like 30 frames or more alltogether, so it took me probably a week- the other concepts were fun, too: Zombies, High security prison and Alien Morphing...all quite bizarre...

  3. so you like to show the other storyboards as well?
    really fun concept and great drawing/rendering!

  4. Yeah...why not...just have to find the right format, blogger reduces file sizes...and the smaller frames miss some essential details to the whole thing...

  5. Great work is easy to see you enjoyed this project. With regard to your question about being unable to write your worries, a picture speaks a thousand words!! I'm looking forward to the next concept.

  6. Thanks, dear fellow illustrator from Melbourne without a name ; )

    Will upload the other concepts soon, too!
    As for the posting- am using Safari now, it seems that Firefox had some hiccups about the blog.

  7. Hey, these are terrific frames, really tight work and I like your dynamic camera angles, show us more!

  8. Thanks all, I can't read the asian, though...; )
    Will update as soon as possible!.

  9. Cool concept indeed, and clear execution