Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another greeting from Indonesia

Thanks for letting me put my drawing here, Leif. Since i find a contributor from my country, Indonesia, i encourge my self to introduce my self here. My name is Fitra Sunandar, i'm an animator in a 3D animation studio in Jakarta. Sometime i draw character design for modeling. And sometime i draw storyboard as my side job, Haha.

I start to consider to take storyboarding as my main job to earn money, but i realize i have to learn a lot about it. As a start to promote my self, i create a brochure to send it to local production house in Jakarta. Well, i hope it is okay to put it here, with some of my other pictures.

Best regard,

Fitra Sunandar


  1. Hi Fitra,

    some very promising artwork, all the best with your career in storyboarding!

  2. pengen ikutan doonk berkarir di story board, ada lowongan or butuh temen menggambar ga? :)