Sunday, April 4, 2010

When things go smoothly (the rare times, I mean)

I don't like to work fast. Or since our works are always hasty, I'd better say I don't like to work this fast.
I made this job on january 2009. The client was an agency in Milan and the product was Mini. The first call came about 6 hours pm. It was the desperate call from a new client (the very first call, when you know that he's calling you of course because his favorite artist is not available and you say yes to everything).
The brief came in ten minutes and I sent this rough scribbles (everything was made with photoshop on a cintiq):
In half an hour I received an ok with no big corrections and made this clean-up.
I sent it again to the client that answered immediately: no changes!

As I finished a couple of frames I sent them to the client to allow him to work on the presentation. The last to frames were sent about 6 am, about 12 hours after the first contact.
The client was very satisfied of the job (mainly because the idea was approved).
About one month after it was on tv. This is the video:

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  1. Amazing. You are a monster talent, Miguel - nicely done. Thanks for showing us the steps, which will be especially interesting for the young hopefuls. This is a great example of the challenges we typically face in this crazy business. Great to see you posting - please keep it up! :^)

  2. You are a legend Miguel. Leif could not have said it better about the demands we face. But you nailed it!! I look forward to following your work.

  3. Thank you, I'm sure you had made the same. This was a lucky smooth job, not so difficult, not crowds of people (I hate crowds, I'd bet you too), an art director that looked to the idea and not to the details-that-will-eventually-be-solved-on-the-shooting (as haircuts and curtain colors)... I don't like this kind of jobs because the result (even if the idea is approved) use to be shitty drawings. This was only an exception.

  4. Hey Miguel, I know how you feel. Sometimes a job runs through without any hitches and you think "why can't they all be like this?" Your competence really shows in those first sketches. Great!

  5. Impressive works! I bet the money was good

  6. Amazing! Every mark is a lesson in economy!