Sunday, March 28, 2010

HD by LP

Its been a while since I posted anything, so here's a bunch of frames and comps I did last year for Harley Davidson.

Or maybe for the Wisconsin Tourist Board featuring Harley Davidson? I kind of forget... but still, very fun stuff to work on, and a bit different than my usual stuff ( you know, happy families eating breakfast, business people getting into cars and driving around...)

More of my storyboard art here.


  1. Leif: Awesome bw work. I hope your students appreciate having a teacher that still works in the advertising, and I really really hope they listen to the advice you give them, and take their projects seriously. When I was in college, my professors had not been working in the industry for years. I hope they know what a wonderful resource they have. I wish to God I had professors like you when I was in college. Unfortunately many of them won't understand your value until it's to late.

  2. You're too kind, Kristen - but thanks, I certainly appreciate it :^)

    Btw, when will se be seeing another post by you? Don't be shy - show us some more of your excellent work!