Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ernest Agullo Galilea: "... my brain is a frame"

I live in a small town, near Barcelona (Spain), with my wife and two kids (boy 5 and girl 2 years old) I'm 42 years old and I'm drawing frames since 1994. In the last decade I've been working for animation companies as a Storyboarder and director, and also for advertising agencies as a freelance ilustrator, drawing layouts, storyboards, etc...I've also done many, many shootingboards for commercials productions.

Always drawing inside the frame, hehe, my brain is a frame.

I consider as my main influences:

Dan Milligan. Oh my god! Amazing artist and I'm sure fantastic guy! I wrote him and he gave me a feedback immediately, I couldn't believe it! I love his art, his fantastic drawing, how he puts the color, Dan really inspires me a lot. Would be fantastic to meet him in order to learn his Painter secrets, I woldn't have problem to give him my litlte Painter secrets, hehe... but Toronto is so far for me!!!!

Ernesto Melo. A good friend of mine, is a fantastic artist and fantastic guy. I usually talk with him about our profession, about Painter, about life.... He has given me many advice about the light and colour.

James Crandall: Dan and Ernesto work with Painter as me instead James, I think, works with Photoshop, but , as you know, is a monster when he "faces" a car, is amazing how he controls the car mirrors, I usually go to Crandall website when I have to draw a car!

Unfortunalety I don't work for N American clients, I should improve my English spoken to do it, (as you can see my English is quite a lot poor, sorry. )

But I worked many times for Storyboards.nl with Frank, (I've seen in Storyboard Central that you already met with him!) through email or call (for me Is quite a lot easy to understand European English )

Anyway, I have enough with European clients!

Currently I'm very busy with animation Storyboards for Italian company, (http://www.rbw.it), almost full time. I have no space to work for advertising, and when I work to advertising I have no space for animation.

I can't do both things at the same time, if I would try to be able it otherwise I couldn't to enjoy my wife, kids, etc.

Congratulations for your blog, Storyboard Central... I've visited calmly and I've found amazing artists I've never seen before, and very interesting articles about my job and my passion: STORYBOARDS!!!

And we're very glad to have you here, Ernest - thanks for sharing your story and your beautiful artwork with all of us! - Leif

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  1. Hola Ernest, benvingut a esta fiesta! :)

  2. Ernest, Amazing work!! Those guys are my inspirations as well, in particular Dan Milligan, I'm a huuugggeee fan of his work. Is there any way we can do a storyboard conference or something, I would love to learn some digital illustration tricks from these guys.

    And this is on another note:
    I really really would like to travel around the country and maintain my storyboard business. How does storyboarding differ from N. America to other parts of the world?? is there more work? Less work? Has the economic crisis in the US affected advertising work in other parts of the world?? Is pricing the same??? Sorry, I know it's a lot of questions.