Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Unknown Italian Storyboard Artist - R.I.P.

Someone at storyboards.nl recently sent a note and included these amazing boards:

"This may be interesting for your blog,"they wrote, "the artwork is from an Italian artist we used to work with. He passed away some years ago."

"He made all the storyboards in aquarel, really fantastic!" And I have to say, they most definitely are.

The person who sent these scans had no name attached to this work and even his invoices didn't give any indication of who the artist was. I could almost imagine that this might be the work of the legendary Jorge Zaffino. He did pass away a few years ago... but of course Zaffino wasn't Italian -- he was from Argentina.

Whenever I need help identifying European artists, I call on my friend David Roach in England. I sent David the scans... but even he was stumped.

"I've forwarded these on to my friend Alberto in Italy but neither he nor I can actually put a name to this artist," replied David. "We're both convinced we've seen his stuff before --- but who is he?"

For now I guess he will remain a mystery. A shame, because, as the person from storyboards.nl wrote, "you really don't see this kind of work anymore."

Many thanks to our anonymous benefactor!


  1. damn, those are good! to be able to produce boards like that, especially assuming the short turnaround time, meant that was one gifted artist.

  2. Beautiful renderings ! These and the frames by Chris are really top notch, some of the best I've seen. I hope that we can see more of this great work. You've got to find out who the mystery man is !

  3. I echo the comments before me - this artist works is truly incredible. (Forgive my ignorance, but what is "aquarel"?) If you find any more of his work, please post them! Also, do you happen to know what size the panels were done in on average?

  4. probably the illustator is Roberto Molino

  5. Errata Corrige:

    In my opinion there are different artists for the pages, just two o three:

    Roberto Molino, died in 2004(probably First and 2nd artwork)

    Gianni Renna, living (probably 4 and 5 plate)

    another name can be Alessandro Biffignandi, but i'm not sure

  6. That's some really amazingly great work. Very inspirational!

  7. I think its aquarelle? Water color in Italian.

  8. Sorry for my english, i recognize the hand of my friend Roberto Molino, except for same portions. we did the same profession and often meet together in agency and home. I can term is technique "guazzo". After a mere and quick pencil he used to spread liquid tempera basis and partly transparent. With the same material but more opaque he finished the outline to underline shadings and motion. I've been sad for his dead and grateful to learn from him.