Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mystery Solved! It's Roberto Molino!

The mystery of who that magnificently talented Italian storyboard artist was has been solved by Patrick Lamb of Express Visuals. Paddy writes, "Hi Leif, the Italian artist is definitely Roberto Molino. I have kept my eye out for his work for ages, he was great."

That's a name that was suggested by Paulo Gaspare last week in the comments of the last post. A name I'm sorry to say I'm unfamiliar with.

Paddy found these two new examples of Molino's work online. The one above especially knocks me out... but they're both great!

Let's hope more Roberto Molino artwork surfaces. Very inspiring stuff! As Paddy says, "Molino had that looseness, lively thing going on. Absolute solid drawing and the confidence that comes with it leads to wonderful risk-taking with some. He knew what he was doing, so he just threw it down."

* Later that evening: On the advice of my friend David Roach in England, I did a little detective work on the Internet and found some more work by Roberto Molino. WARNING: this material is semi-nude and violent. It may offend some people and is definitely NSFW!

David writes, "Roberto Molino as far as I know never actually drew any comics but he certainly painted 100s of covers for various sex/horror pocket sized comics , similar to the work of Biffignandi."


  1. Roberto Molino is the nephew of another great italian illustrator Walter Molino

    But in my humble opinion two last storyboard(in previous post) are not by Molino


    I'm confused?

  2. I think we're all still a bit confused, Pagas - as a N. American, this is pretty new territory for me.

    Your suggestions are appreciated :^)

  3. Thank's, I'm honourated to help you.

    Unfortunately is very difficult to find exhaustive material of this author into the Web, especially about his latest career.

  4. Great stuff, although I'm a bit let down (frustrated?) by the fact that most of the 'semi-nude and violent' work isn't appearing for me. :(
    I think all us storyboard guys should have a 'semi-nude and violent' section on our sites!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Obviously, Mark, the subject matter is just too severe for your sensitive young eyes. Needless to say I had no problem viewing them. :) You're not missing much. They're pretty awful...as if he really didn't enjoy creating them. How often do you see an illustrator enjoy doing storyboards more than finished art...and with naked girls?!!