Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Harry Borgman: Harry COMP man!

Harry Borgman, who literally wrote the book on marker rendering, sent me the following note the other day, along with some amazing examples of his comp work from the pre-computer era. Harry writes...

"I found a couple of comps that I thought you might want to post on the storyboard blog. These are examples of my tight comps done in the marker era."

"The Hidden Valley Ranch comp was done using markers only, it was an ad for a Chicago agency, can't remember which one."

"The beer can was another marker comp on layout paper."

"The X-bec comp was done using everything, markers, paint and airbrush."

"The same with the sample comp with the cat. Some art directors wanted fresh, fast marker renderings, others preferred very tight work for their comps."

"Most of the work I did through the years was of the fresh, fast variety, primarily because of the crazy deadlines."

* You'll find many more examples of Harry's work (layout, finished art, and cartoon) and tons of great related stories, at Harry's blog. And to see some of Harry's exciting experiments in digital art and design, go to his other blog, Hairy Blogman.


  1. these are so amazing - an all around gifted artist. but man, what I wouldn't give to be able to wield markers like that!

  2. Matt; I have to agree - I've seen some pretty tight renderings but these last two especially are beyond amazing. The fur on the cat is ... amazing.