Sunday, July 19, 2009

storyboards by arne s. reismueller

hey there,
as this is my first posting here i have to start saying thanks to leif peng for letting me participate on this blog.
i am a storyboard-artist and illustrator living and working in germany.
here are some samples of my advertising work:

usually advertising storyboards need to be colorfull and shiny like the one above.
on the following job (for fisherman's friend) i really enjoyed playing around with more colder or less saturated colors to catch the fisherman-mood:

just lineart for a toyota-storyboard:

from time to time (not too often) i'm asked to do only rough scribbles. that is what i enjoy the most. drawing fast and staying lose.

i think this is enough for a first posting. if interested there are many more storyboards as well as other work on my personal blog or my portfolio-site.


  1. Great stuff, Arne - thanks for posting! Can you tell us: how long have you been working as a storyboard artist? Do you work entirely digital or do you start with real materials and then scan in and finish in Photoshop? Is this your full-time work or do you also do finished art?

  2. hey leif, thanks, i'll do this all in a following posting where i will also explain my work-process from the briefing to the final board.