Friday, June 12, 2009

More Sex Please!

Why can't I get more jobs drawing stuff like this?

Seriously, I would like all art directors everywhere to please send me all the "sexy-girls-exercising" jobs. Is that too much to ask?

This was for a Durex condoms focus group thing ( I'll bet that group was pretty darn focused! ) and all I had to do for the renderings above and below was trace off the photographs from two earlier Durex campaigns.

As rendering goes, this was about as painless as it gets! The toughest thing was doing the 'diagramatic' drawings for the top section of this second series... and even that was just a trace of existing art.

Here's why the AD got me specifically involved on this project: the new concept they wanted the focus group to consider was a series of ads that mimic the look of old comic book covers. I guess they saw on my website that I do a lot of 'retro' comic book art, so for this next batch that's the sort of look they wanted, complete with the ol' "Roy Lichtenstien Dots" pattern tossed in here and there.

Below, the AD's rough sketch, and my final colour rendering for one of the comic concepts.

I had some difficulty giving the AD the shot he wanted for this concept below... I did the first two sketches based on his verbal description, but he ended up doing me a thumbnail of the composition he was looking for, and the third sketch is what resulted from that thumbnail...

... and this is the colour final, along with two more finals from the series.

I never saw the final concepts done up with type ( I wish I had, but they were done at the agency ) and they never came back for a quote on doing finished art for these, so I presume the focus group didn't buy this as an ad series concept. Stupid focus group!

* More comps and storyboards by Leif Peng


  1. what a great gig!
    aside from the obvious, I really like the concept of that first one - exercising for sex with the symbol in the corner. good stuff!

  2. Matt; It was a fun gig! Unfortunately, like all storyboard work, the pace at which I had to crank these out spoiled some of the fun of drawing them. - and I can't take any credit for the concept behind that first series you liked (although I also like it very much) ;^)

    Mark; umm.... yeah.

  3. Nice! Looks great Leif. I sympathize with what you say about the time vs. drawing issue, always a problem!

  4. Thanks Andries :^) Drawing fast (and well) has always been a hurdle for me. esp., I think, because I do finished art half the time. I get into the habit of taking my time and then struggle to speed up when I'm doing boards!

  5. Stupid focus groups indeed!

  6. I actually worked on a few Durex condom commercial spots that aired on MTV during the mid- to late-90's, Leif! Small (ahem) world.