Monday, June 8, 2009

First Post

I've been very impressed with the work on this blog, so I am very happy to contribute to it. To start off with here are a couple of presentation boards I did recently for a client in New York.


  1. Great stuff, Andries! I love the way you've merged drawing with photography... gives the boards a kind of 'magic realism' - very nice!

    Thanks for sharing these with us :^)

  2. great poses on the tennis player!

  3. Nice stuff, Andries.
    Looks like some 3D there too. How long does one of these boards take to do?

  4. Thanks for the kind comments Leif, Marco and Mark!

    Mark- on a good day they take more or less an hour each. Though the first frame sometimes takes a bit longer becuase that's the one where I have to get all the main elements together.