Sunday, February 1, 2009

Storyboard Studios: 1985

Its hard to believe its been almost a quarter of a century since these ads appeared in The Creative Black Book. I used to study these pages like mad, hoping to absorb some knowledge, skill, whatever... anything that I could learn to hopefully make my work look more professional.

Always especially intriguing: Continuity Studio's ads, with that distinctive Neal Adams look to all their samples. As we learned from Howard Chaykin's comment, a lot of comic book artists were supplementing their meager incomes by drawings comps and storyboards under Adams' guidance. Personally, I always thought Continuity's ads were the slickest.

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  1. I'd be interested to know if any of these places are still around?

  2. continuity is still around,as is santa-donato....(i've worked for both)....rough riders is long gone,comp art plus...gone...gem went out of business like 5 years ago.....diamond,as far as i know, is gone....