Thursday, February 12, 2009

Harry Borgman on "Mood"

I was scanning some ad comps this morning and thought I'd do some for your new blog. I also included a few pencil sketches and an ink line storyboard.

When I worked in NY I more or less specialized in "mood" renderings. Being known as a "mood" renderer set me apart from the rest of the storyboard artists and created a certain amount of attention. It worked and kept me quite busy doing storyboards, animatics and ad comps.

* Many thanks, Harry! Be sure to check out Harry's blogs: Harry Borgman Art and for Harry's digital art experiments, go to Hairy Blogman.

* Would you like to share some examples of your work with us? We'd love to see 'em! Send me an email to the address in the sidebar and I'll send you a guest author invite!

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