Thursday, September 3, 2009

Smells Like The '80s!

Okay, I feel guilty for not contributing so I thought I'd cough up some art from the bottom drawer, mid '80s thru mid '90s.These will cover a lot of typical job genres that I banged out back then. Seem's like only yesterday!

I think I made these images a bit small, just click on them to enlarge. Sorry!

Okay, does anyone remember Sheena Easton? she was one of the spokespersons for Chicago Health. Markers on marker paper with Xerox text. Don't try to read it.

Lifestyle boards were a mainstay. Kids, food, beer , haircuts. We had it all.

The gal's head is marker dyes wiped onto copy paper with Kimwipes (for glass cleaning) and prisma pencil. We used to fight for the pretty girl jobs.

This is either Fantastic Sams or Supercuts, I don't recall. Carnation stuff was endless frames of pretty girls lounging around the house, drinking the stuff, more lounging. Yes!

Kids were big. Kids at the mall, kids playing, kids fighting. I must have done a hundred Sunny Delight boards, thanks Asher/Gould Advertising!

I don't know how that bear got in here. Little did I know the OTHER bear was a foreshadow of things to come!

Let's eat! We did fast food, supermarkets, junk food, cereal, you name it. Here are two really different takes on Carls Jr. ads.

I don't have all the frames from this one, but the plant doesn't go for the SuperGro plant food, he of course downs the Carl's meal. It takes place in a greenhouse.Fun ad.

This was COMPLETELY different! Unfortunately it was a rush job ( the fun ones usually were. Dang!) The suit was skin tight latex with Carl's sauce dripping all over.

Is this getting too long? Anyway, I do actually have a few complete boards, (alas, not the color versions, usually didn't have time to copy them at the end of the day.)Here's one for beer that was fun to draw. Bigfoot!

Beer or Bigfoot photo? You have to make choices in life I guess.

This one was for LA Gear shoes (I think!) Can you say DREAM JOB! The other reason I included it was after seeing Leif's condom comps.

How about some theme park crap for a change of pace? These are a few frames from a Batman stunt show for Six Flags. These boards tended to go on forever (check out the frame number, these usually went to 40 or 50 frames. Oy.)

Terminator 3D! The Governator. Who knew THAT would happen?

Well that's about it for now, my scanner button finger is sore. Hope I didn't bore you with my trip down memory lane. Believe me, there's a LOT more of this crap in the drawers! Happy storyboarding, kids!



  1. Wow - amazing work, Chris! Really dig that 80s work - the more the better! And you're right, you seemed to be lucky as hell with some of those jobs.

    Sheena Easton... never thought I'd hear that name again. She had that look...

  2. Hi Chris,
    wonderful stuff, love your great drawings. Dig out some more from the bottom drawer.

  3. Thanks guys. Here's to the Secret Society of Storyboarders!

  4. Chris; WOW! I'm in awe of your skills. Great sexy girl drawings, dude. You could collect these up into one of those print-on-demand sketchbooks everybody seems to be doing these days... it would sell like hot cakes! Speaking of hot cakes: please don't tell me that Carl's concept w/ sauce dripping all over the girl in the latex suit actually got made into a commercial... I may faint!

  5. whoa, these drawings are absolutely gorgeous!!! more, more, more!

  6. Leif - wouldn't be surprised if it was. Actually, it looks kind of tame compared to their recent ads...

    Again, great work Chris!

  7. I could swear that spot was on TV...maybe I dreamt it! Thanks, all!