Monday, June 18, 2012

Drawing object in 3D software

Hi.. long time no posting.. :) i have storyboard project about watch and chocolate, and because the watch have more then 1 frames to draw, so i decide to make that object with 3d software, and render it with toon shader. i found it very helpful.

and when i have to draw glas, and chocolate, the 3d model help me to see the angle and composition. but i just use the outline, and color it manualy in PS. here is the example:


  1. Creative Cow magazine is publishing a series of articles on pre-visualization. The articles will cover such areas as what is previs and to how to use it. The emphasis will be on how previs can be used for planning film projects; everything from determining coverage to aiding in budgeting a project.

    Below is the direct link to the article:

    Here is a mirror link of the first article on my blog site:

    A news stand version with all of the articles will be published later this year.

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