Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Will Draw for Love & Money"

Here's a couple sets of boards for a Hard Rock Cafe spot-- aired pretty recently so I think I can share.
The director had some really well defined notes and even had reference photos ready, so it made the job much smoother with few revisions:

Artificial Love

This is a page from my comic "The Tell". It's definitely the love part of my drawing day. (If anyone knows the secret to making money out of comics, please let me know ;)
Like with shooting boards, I often find myself drawing with a cinematic eye, and applying them to the comics page. Infinite layout options and no aspect-ratio requirements make it fun/challenging and a totally different animal though. (I love this animal~)

"The Sunless Circus: The Tell" Pg. 8

And once in a while comes the lucky opportunity of combining both the money with the love !
"Greedy Han" t-shirt design

Very curious to see what everyone does between these two motivations..!


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  1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing all those great drawings, Chris! That t-shirt design is really fun!