Sunday, February 5, 2012

Irwan Chandra : Storyboard & illustrator

Hi there, I'm indonesian and I live and work in jakarta
I've been working for local production films companies as a Storyboard artist
and also for advertising agencies as a freelance ilustrator, drawing layouts, storyboards, etc
thanks to Leif for his blog and am glad to contribute to it, and sorry for bad english
director board for a short films "Trophy Buffalo" 

illustration for stickers

directorboard movie teaser

working for advertising agencies as freelance illustrator

shootingboard for commercial adv

 working for advertising agencies as freelance storyboard artist


  1. hi irwan,

    saya dr inamotion creative house jakarta, sedang mencari ilustrator untuk projek animatic.
    boleh minta no contak ny?

    please reply to


  2. Hai Irwan, boleh minta konteknya, ke email gw aja ya
    Thk you
    Joey Setiawan

  3. Hi Irwan, May I Have your contact? you can e-mail to
    We would need your Storyboard and Illustrator Skill for one of our Movie Project in Jakarta.
    Thank you for your kind attention.

  4. Troy I need help with a no-budget movie that I am producing ... we need a decent storyboard artist to help us ...can you give me your details .. you can contact me on

  5. Hi Irwan,
    we are company work in multimedia we need to work with you
    replay me as soon as possible because we work in many projects now

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  7. Hi please contact me on 087871222630 . Need story board artist for tv series.