Friday, December 2, 2011


As apart of my marketing plan for the year, I decided to send postcards to potential and existing clients(art buyers, creative know). Since agencies work with different clients, I decided to keep it more general. My idea was to do 4 ninja facts for the year. I've posted the three I've already done and different options for the 4th. The last one will go out early in January.I would really appreciated some feed back. Not sure if the idea is that great, but at least it's something. I think I may continue with it in 2012 and try to take it a step further. Looking forward to your comments


  1. i don't know what you want to achieve with that.. -but i would rethink sending nf2 to an art director i'm still planing to work with.
    the art is really nice, but the overall concept... -probably i'm old-fashioned..

  2. I agree with Arne regarding nf2. The question I have is how does a ninja relate to selling yourself and your skills, other than that you can draw a ninja? If you could push the idea toward your skill set that might help. Just mu opinion.


  3. Thank you so much for your is greatly appreciated. I thought NF2 was funny, but i guess not. To answer Oscars question: I guess i didn't really think of it that way. I wanted them to have something funny to look forward to....So you're saying that I should do something that shows how I can meet deadlines or shows how i can do different styles of illustration? Sell my skills.Ok I hear it!
    Thanks again, more feedback is welcome.

  4. Hi Kristen,

    I think NF2 is pretty funny. I guess, however, an art director may not see it that way (there are exceptions, however). Sometimes it's best to pull that particular kind of gag out when a business has gotten to know you a bit better. Believe me, I speak from hard earned personal experience.

    As far as using a ninja, I think it's an interesting idea as long as it, again, relates to your skill set. Perhaps, as a lame example (sorry, it's early): a ninja is a master of disguise and then the illustration shows the same art in different styles, (cartoony, straight, graphic, etc) Like I said, it's early...

    Anyhow, that's the point I was getting at. Good luck. In this day and age we all need it.

  5. I'm not a fan of NF4...until I thought of an agency person looking in confusion at their drink. It's been sliced clean through the middle and in the background a ninja drinks the bottom half.

    Ninja's are a master of disguise: Draw a crowded mall scene that shows you can draw a diverse range of people. Except that one of them has a mask on.

    NF3 is my favourite, i think it's great!

    Overall, I've always liked the pirates vs. ninja thing so I think this is a good idea as a theme.