Monday, August 22, 2011

The new!

Hi all, thanks to Leif for allowing me this opportunity, I am very grateful.
My name is Adriano Giulitti I'm an illustrator and with my friend a great artist Alejandro Santana,both work from Argentina for various advertising agencies locally and internationally.

Together we form the Fuku-do where we give a illustration services to advertising clients.
We work as a team to do the work faster and more efficient for the customer demand.

We actually have many and varied work done as an illustration,storyboards, animatic and animation that slowly I'll show you.
Now I show you some works we did in Story boards.
I hope you like it and I would like to read comments.

Thanks a lot!
Greetings from Argentina!



  1. I like the use of colour in these. Great palettes!

  2. Thanks! If it is very important to select the color palette for each story board, is the art direction of the piece.