Sunday, November 14, 2010

Welcome Jordi Valbuena!

While many of us on Storyboard Central are advertising artists, let's not forget that storyboards are a big part of other related industries, like animation and video games. A couple of days ago I received a note from Jordi Valbuena in France... I loved his stuff and invited him to write a post so everyone could get a look at his terrific work. Jordi asked me to help him with his grammar and spelling (but actually I hardly had to change a thing). Welcome, Jordi! ~ Leif

I've worked in the animation business for almost 15 years but I've been drawing for almost twice that long. My name is Jordi and I was born in Barcelona, but I actually live on the sunny southern coast of France.


In Barcelona I worked for many years for the firm CROMOSOMA on countless storyboarding jobs and BG artwork as well as working as a director's assistant. I ended up directing the last 39 episodes of the series "The Triplets." After the interesting but exhausting experience of directing a series I moved to France where I started anew as a storyboarder, which is the part of the process I'm most interested with in animation.


In France, thanks to a developed industry that helps the artists in many ways, I've been able to jump from one project to the next easily. I've worked in very interesting series like "My Giant Friend", "Dragon Hunters", Comboninos", "Tara Duncan"...


... or more recently "The Little Prince", a spectacular 3D series based on Saint Exupery's work.

Besides animation, I'm very interested in illustration, character design and comic books too. All creative ways of expression that I practice less often but that are always satisfying.


I also very much like to see other people's work, lurk on blogs and go bug-eyed with the amazing pool of artistic talent that exists out there. The idols from my youth are Moebius and Spanish comic Book designer Josep Maria Beroy, and I think both have left an indelible mark on my style.

If you want to take a look at my work, you're very welcome at my blog ( . Thank you very much and see you soon!



  1. Ey my friend,!! What are you doing here??? Ostres tio, no saps la ilu que em fa que estiguis en aquest club! està ple de gent maquíssima, sobretot tota la peña de Canada, Dan, Stuart, Jeff, són enrolladíssims. Thanks to share your fantastic animation storyboards at this club, your are the best professional I ever worked with (almost 8 years!)

  2. Welcome, Welcome!! FANTASTIC WORK!

  3. Thanks Kristen and thanks again Leif for the post!
    Ernest,you're nuts, but I'm flattered anyway, you're way too kind!

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