Monday, May 3, 2010

Wienerschnitzel Corndog Sweepstakes

This is my first post-- thanks to Leif, honored to be among such amazing talents!

This was a promotion for Wienerschnitzel that was made into a simple "game". The sweepstakes opened with an intro animation and gave a few options when entering a promo code. The challenge for me (including re-learning how to animate in a newer version of Flash), was keeping the story flow for each of the possibilities separate. I opted to color code them and also show a few frames to show finished key colors.

The sweepstakes runs a little while longer at where you can see the intro animation. The second part can be accessed using the code "CORNDOG" without having to actually go out and eat a bunch of them to reveal the codes on the sticks~

Sweepstakes Screenshot:

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