Thursday, May 13, 2010

Valeri Koval: "Greetings from Russia!"

Recently I received a message with that greeting in the subject line. Russian storyboard artist Valeri Koval sent me a link to his blog, where I quickly became engrossed in page after page of his gorgeous penciled storyboard frames. Below, only a small sample from a 2009 project called "Legend of the White Monk"

Valeri describes himself as a "freelance storyboard artist, traditional animation" but a long list of credits at this site shows this talented artist has extensive experience in a wide variety of specialties, including feature film and commercial boarding.

Personally, I'm fascinated by Valeri's unique approach of drawing his frames exclusively in his signature pencil technique!

Valeri Koval's blog


  1. great! thanks for this post. i'm now clicking through every pic on his blog. love those lose pencils, especially the landscapes!

  2. Yes, it becomes mesmerizing, doesn't it? I've never seen storyboards presented in quite this manner... Valeri's talent is really apparent in that seemingly endless stream of loosely (but very professionally) pencilled frames.

  3. damn, these are really nice!i love seeing pencil work.

  4. Neat--rounded edge frames!
    So fluid marks with that pencil, great~