Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Greetings from Bandung-Indonesia

I'm Indonesian which is based in Bandung the capital city of West Java ,After 9 years of experience in Animation Studio as Production director i decide to focus my proffession as a freelance storyboard artist servicing the advertising, indie film also as Illustrator.


Storyboarding Film is my favorite part ,turn a script into a storyboard frame..lots of action.

Storyboard for Indie film Detroit

These for Indie film Hollywood

Sample of my illustration

for local commercial I always have very tight schedule ,sometimes i have to finish 50 frames in color only 16 hours .practice with doing some sketches its really helpfull for speed up the drawing skill.

email :

Thank you Leif,for giving me the opportunity so i can post some of my work here.

Erwin Budiono


  1. always love your works, all what you did.....awesome...!!!

  2. Good stuff, Erwin - thanks for sharing your story and artwork with us! :^)

  3. I like to add my Storyboards too here.

  4. This is the link