Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reality Check: American McGee's Alice

by Anson Jew
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In most cases, when I get a commercial gig, I do the work, get paid and move on. As a freelance storyboard artist, my work typically happens early in the process, so I'm pretty much out of the process by the time they start to put together the actual spot. By the time the commercial is done, my mind is already on other things. But occasionally, I'll wonder "whatever happened to...?" I've been doing some digging around the 'net and was surprised to find a good number of my commercials out there. This is part of a series of posts I will do where I will post my storyboards along with a link to the finished commercial so you can compare the boards with the final product.


With Tim Burton's Alice on the minds of many, I'm reminded of this promo I boarded some time back for the EA PC game American McGee's Alice. The promo was created by R. Zane Rutledge.


  1. Awesome stuff, Anson - that's a cool thing you've been doing with your posts: showing us the final commercial so we can see how things developed. Please keep sharing these with us! :^)

    P.S. I love those tight pencil frames you did here... the board on the left is especially interesting for all the dynamic perspective in the compositions.

  2. This is so great, Anson. Alice is one of my absolute favorite games and it's just fantastic to see some of the original materials used in the game.. concepts, marketing and everything. Thanks for posting this.