Monday, February 1, 2010

roughs and not -so-roughs

since there wasn't an update in quite a while i figured i could post some of my work.

i'm doing most of my storyboard work on my toshiba notebook and my very old a5 wacom tablet.
when i started working professional i used photoshop 6.0 but about a year ago i changed to painter and i'm really satisfied with it -has a more natural feeling.

let's start with a really fun one. the basic idea was the old karate kid movie (as you can see). every frame took me about 1 hour:

but usually i do a lot of car advertising work:

and finally two older storyboards i've already posted, but i reacently found the final films on youtube and thought i could share these too:

a rough storyboard i did for scoda in february 2008. pencil on paper.
it was one of the first times i had to draw in an agency with the artdirector next to me, giving comments on every single line i draw. but it was fun to do.
here you can see the final film:

and one for fisherman's friend. the artdirector gave me a photo of the two main characters.

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  1. Great post, Arne! Your work looks spectacular - and its very cool to see the contrast between your older boards and these more recent ones. Those Karate Kid frames look very comp for having been done in an hour - excellent work. :^)

    I found it interesting to read how you have enjoyed the switch to Painter... I'm in complete agreement with you on that. I've recently tried to go back to Photoshop to do a storyboard demo (my students don't have Painter) and could not believe how clunky the interface is. Adobe really needs to work on getting a more natural feel for those of us who draw on the tablet!

    Thanks for this great post!