Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Four Animatic Frames by Borgman

Harry Borgman writes, "Here are some animatic frames I did for McCann Erickson in NY. These were large 8 x 10" frames and some had moving parts , like hands , arms and heads turning."

"They gave me a week to do these after submitting preliminary sketches. That's still not a helluva lot of time to do a big batch of frames."

"They are rendered a little tighter than my normal rush stybd and are quite effective when filmed. I did tons of animatics while living in NY and even after I moved back to Michigan. I worked for most of the major ad agencies but my best clients were McCann, Y & R and O & M."

"Like storyboards, animatics can be fun to do unless you have a boring script to work with..."

"... or a bad art director."

Check out Harry's Blog, where he's currently showing some of his gorgeous early finished art from Ford Times magazine!

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