Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some storyboards from the archives

Here are a few frames from around (yipes!) 1988-1990. One was for some sparking water ad, the girl waking up was probably for some clothes company like Ross, I honestly don't remember, and of course Sharon Stone! For some studio promotional film.Okay, that one I had photo reference for but the others I made up out of my head. The finals of these were probably in color but that was pre-computer so they were xeroxed and colored with markers, so I usually ended up with just some b&w copies to take home. We would usually bang out 10-16 of these frames in an 8 hour day, usually in color. I get tired just thinking about it!

More examples of my work on my blog.


  1. Your stuff absolutely rocks, Chris, thanks for posting it :^)

    When you say, "We", was it a group effort doing frames in, what, a studio setting? One person colouring and one doing line, or something like that?

  2. * Leif here, posting on Chris' behalf. The comments function seems a little glitchy on this template, unfortunately. If anybody knows how to fix this, email me at leifpeng[at]gmail[dot]com

    Chris replies:

    Thanks guys. I was repped by Storyboards, Inc. for quite a few years and freelanced with a group of about 20 or so artists. We worked mostly in-house at ad agencies all over the L.A. area (and beyond) You'd haul all your own crap in with you (markers, of course, your favorite pencils, sharpeners,tracing paper, elipse guides, etc. One guy had a homemade box (plywood with wheels!) that was so big we nicknamed it "The Nostromo" (Alien)There were a few colorists only, but most of us did our own. Usually there were just a couple of us at a time at an agency, cranking out boards for a group of art directors. For a huge pitch, they'd sometimes bring in 5-10 of us (we called it a gang-bang) and those were great times to catch up with what your cohorts had been up to. There was always a healthy amount of good natured competition between us, that's how we all pushed ourselves to improve, I think. I should post a few of my first frames, they suck so bad I'm surprised I was ever hired again!

    That’s it, I gotta figure out how to work this dang com-peeyouter.